Ahmed Foods | Paya Masala – 50 g

  • Authentic spice blend for Paya
  • Enhances flavor and aroma
  • Perfect for traditional slow-cooked stews
  • Complements both meat and broth
  • Natural ingredients, no additives
  • Net weight: 50 g
  • Authentic spices by Ahmed Foods

Traditional Stew Perfection: Ahmed Foods Paya Masala

Ahmed Foods brings tradition to your table with the Paya Masala. This 50g spice mix is your key to unlocking the authentic taste of Paya, a celebrated stew known for its depth and complexity of flavor. Each ingredient in this masala has been selected to complement the unique taste of Paya, ensuring a culinary experience that’s true to its roots.

The Art of Paya

Paya, a dish revered for its rich broth and tender meat, is a symbol of shared meals and festive gatherings. With Ahmed Foods Paya Masala, you can recreate this beloved dish, bringing warmth and joy to your dining table.

A Blend of Quality Spices

This Paya Masala is a testament to Ahmed Foods’ commitment to quality, combining handpicked spices to produce a masala worthy of your finest cooking. No artificial flavors, no preservatives – just pure, authentic taste.