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Retail Markets

Modern Trade

Expanding Reach with Supermarket Giants

At Shafi Brothers, we understand the importance of making our products readily accessible to consumers. Our presence in retail markets ensures that customers can conveniently find our offerings in their neighborhood stores. we understand the dynamics of expansive retail environments. Our presence in leading hypermarkets like Lulu, Union Coop, and Nesto showcases our commitment to delivering an array of quality products to consumers who value variety and convenience.

In the realm of modern trade, our partnerships with these hypermarket giants stand as a testament to our dedication to excellence. With an eye on global trends and consumer preferences, we ensure that every product on the shelf meets the high standards of quality and value that customers have come to expect from us.

general trade

Rooted in Community Trust

At Shafi Brothers, we are deeply integrated into the fabric of local commerce. By partnering with supermarkets such as Almaya, Safeer, Al Madina, and Talal, we bring our diverse product range into the heart of communities.

General Trade is the cornerstone of our distribution network, where relationships are built on trust and mutual growth. These supermarkets are frequented by locals who rely on the quality and reliability of the products they purchase. Our collaboration with these establishments ensures that our brands are part of the daily lives of numerous families, fulfilling their needs with excellence and consistency.


The Backbone of Retail Dynamics

At Shafi Brothers, we take pride in our robust wholesale partnerships with leading entities like Mohideen and Jaleel Wholesale. These alliances empower us to distribute quality products at scale, ensuring availability and competitive pricing across the marketplace.

Our wholesale channel is pivotal, serving as the backbone that supports a wide network of retailers. We strive to deliver not just products, but also value and trust, reinforcing the supply chain with reliability and efficiency. With a focus on bulk distribution, we help businesses thrive by providing a diverse range of goods that meet the dynamic demands of a growing economy.



Culinary Alliances

Serving the Finest Establishments

Elevate your dining experience with Shafi Brothers’ culinary partnerships. From the sizzling delights of Chikentikka Inn to the timeless flavors at Ravi Restaurant and the catering expertise of Abela Catering, our commitment to excellence shines in every dish.

Van Sales

Fulfilling Needs on the Move

Efficient van sales for instant shelf restocking and seamless retail service.

Van sales is a vital cog in our distribution model, providing a direct-to-doorstep service that exemplifies convenience and responsiveness. Our fleet is on the go, equipped with a diverse product selection ready to meet the immediate needs of businesses, fostering a service that is as reliable as it is swift. This mobile distribution arm of Shafi Brothers is dedicated to keeping the supply chain fluid and uninterrupted, directly benefitting the businesses we serve.


Digital Presence

Discover Shafi Brothers’ Presence on Leading E-commerce Platforms

Explore a world of convenience and quality as we bring our offerings to renowned e-commerce platforms such as Sharaf DG, Noon, Amazon, and more.

Serving Every Nook and Corner

Market Diversity Hub

Discover unparalleled diversity in market connections with Shafi Brothers. Serving every nook and corner, our commitment to reliability and opportunities defines us in the dynamic world of general trade. Join our journey, where dedication meets diversity, and Shafi Brothers stands as a beacon in the evolving commerce landscape.
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