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Diverse Selection, Quality Products

Explore our extensive array of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), featuring some of the most sought-after brands known for their quality and value. From pantry staples to household necessities, we distribute a dynamic range of products that cater to every need


Bespoke Products, Exclusive Quality

Our Private Label division offers uniquely crafted products designed to meet specific market demands. Tailored for distinction and customer satisfaction, our private brands stand out for their exceptional quality and market appeal.


Global Trade, Local Expertise

Fostering international trade, our Import and Export services connect UAE’s market with the world. We ensure a smooth and efficient flow of goods with our expert logistics, expanding the reach of local products and introducing global brands to the region.


Our proud private label. Extreme & Best quality Basmati Rice. Aromatic, Long Grain & Aged.

Strategic Import and Export Solutions

Unlock Global Opportunities

Efficient Logistics for Seamless Transactions

Our comprehensive import and export services bridge UAE to the world, ensuring a seamless flow of goods. With strategic solutions and expert logistics, we source high-quality products to and from established suppliers in Italy, China, Switzerland, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and many more countries.

Diversified Expertise

Navigate various industries seamlessly with experts in Leather & Rexine, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment, Foodstuff , Tiles, Chemicals, Generators Etc.

Navigating Complex Supply Chains

In the complex web of supply chains, we navigate challenges with precision. Our strategic approach ensures a reliable and efficient movement of goods, fostering strong international partnerships.

Seamless International Transactions

Our commitment to seamless transactions reflects in our import and export services. With a client-centric approach, we facilitate smooth operations, creating a bridge between global markets and the dynamic UAE market.

Global Connectivity, Local Impact

Connecting the world to UAE, our services have a local impact. We prioritize global connectivity while contributing to the growth and accessibility of local products, creating a win-win scenario for international trade.


Our Prestigious Portfolio

Experience the diversity and excellence of our brand portfolio. Shafi Brothers and Company proudly represents a multitude of FMCG brands, each with a unique story of quality, trust, and consumer satisfaction.

From household staples to innovative new products, our brands are selected for their commitment to excellence and alignment with our values. Join us in a visual journey of our partnerships that highlight the breadth and depth of our offerings

Wellness to Wellbeing


What started as a Matab in the subcontinent became a global brand that is now redefining standards in Pakistan