Ahmed Foods | Mixed Pickle in Oil

  • A traditional South Asian pickle blend by Ahmed Foods
  • A tangy and spicy mix of mangoes, carrots, lemons, and chillies
  • Preserved in a rich, spiced oil for an authentic taste
  • Jar size of 310g, ideal for regular use
  • Enhances the flavor profile of any meal
  • Free from artificial preservatives and colors
  • A versatile condiment for a variety of dishes
  • Reflects Ahmed Foods’ commitment to quality and tradition

The Quintessence of South Asian Flavors Embark on a culinary journey with Ahmed Foods Mixed Pickle in Oil, a symphony of flavors packed into a 310g jar. This pickle isn’t just a condiment; it’s a legacy of taste passed down through generations, a staple that no South Asian dining experience is complete without.

A Rich Tapestry of Ingredients Each jar is a mosaic of sun-soaked mangoes, crunchy carrots, zesty lemons, and piquant chillies. These vibrant ingredients are pickled in a spiced oil blend, rich with the earthy tones of fenugreek, the pungent kick of mustard, the golden warmth of turmeric, and a secret blend of other traditional spices that make this pickle a celebration in every bite.

Crafted with Tradition Ahmed Foods has remained steadfast in preserving the authentic methods of pickle-making. The Mixed Pickle is a reflection of their dedication to bringing timeless flavors to the contemporary kitchen. It’s prepared with meticulous care, ensuring that each jar has the perfect balance of tangy and spicy notes.

A Versatile Companion to Your Meals Whether you’re sprucing up a simple rice dish, adding zest to your sandwiches, or complementing a sumptuous curry, the Mixed Pickle is versatile. It’s not just an accompaniment; it’s an ingredient that transforms your meals, adding depth and excitement to your dishes.

Commitment to Purity In keeping with Ahmed Foods’ commitment to quality, this mixed pickle is crafted without any artificial preservatives or colors, ensuring that you are tasting nature in its purest form. Each spoonful is a testament to the purity and simplicity of the ingredients and the complexity of flavors they bring to your palate.

Experience the Burst of Authenticity Indulge in the Ahmed Foods Mixed Pickle in Oil and let it take center stage in your pantry. It’s not just a pickle; it’s an experience that promises to elevate your meals and tantalize your taste buds with every tangy, spicy, and savory mouthful.