Ahmed Foods | Fish Biryani Masala – 50 g

  • Specialty fish biryani spice mix
  • Blended to perfection for seafood
  • Easy to cook, exceptional taste
  • Elevates the natural flavor of fish
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Net weight: 50 g
  • Proudly prepared in Pakistan

Ocean’s Aroma: Ahmed Foods Fish Biryani Masala

Dive into the depths of flavor with Ahmed Foods Fish Biryani Masala. This 50 g pack is specially formulated to bring the zest of the ocean to your biryani. A delicate blend of spices complements the fish perfectly, infusing your dish with a symphony of flavors that only the finest biryanis boast.

An Unforgettable Marine Feast

Biryani is a celebration of rice and spices, and when it comes to fish biryani, the balance must be impeccable. Ahmed Foods ensures that each packet of Fish Biryani Masala meets the challenge, offering a taste experience that’s both refined and bold.

The Pinnacle of Spice Craft

Each spice within this masala has been selected for its ability to enhance the natural flavors of the fish, creating a biryani that is as nourishing as it is delicious. It’s a culinary journey that honors the tradition of biryani with a marine twist.

Commitment to Quality

Ahmed Foods has been synonymous with quality since 1952. This Fish Biryani Masala continues the tradition, made with the purest ingredients and free from any artificial additives, ensuring a wholesome and authentic meal.