Ahmed Foods | Chaat Masala Trio Pack – 3x Chaat Masala Mixes

  • Trio pack of Ahmed Foods Chaat Masala
  • Zesty and flavorful for a variety of dishes
  • Ideal for creating traditional South Asian chaat
  • Adds a tangy twist to snacks, salads, and fruits
  • Three 50g packs for a generous supply
  • High-quality ingredients for the best taste
  • No artificial colors or additives

A Trio of Tang: Ahmed Foods Chaat Masala Trio Pack

Dive into the tangy world of chaat with the Ahmed Foods Chaat Masala Trio Pack. Each pack within this trio bursts with the perfect blend of tart and savoury spices that define chaat, the beloved street food snack. This trio pack is your ticket to recreating the zesty, mouth-watering flavours of authentic South Asian chaat at home.

Zest in Every Sprinkle

Chaat Masala is all about that hit of sourness coupled with a depth of spices. Ahmed Foods has perfected this blend, allowing you to sprinkle this magic onto any dish for an instant flavour lift.

Versatility in Your Pantry

Not just for chaat, this masala is a versatile hero in the kitchen. Use it to season salads, fruits, beverages, or snacks. With the Ahmed Foods Chaat Masala Trio Pack, you always have the secret ingredient to make your dishes stand out.