Ahmed Foods | Chicken Biryani Trio Pack – 3x Chicken Biryani Masala

  • Contains three packs of Chicken Biryani mix for multiple uses
  • Authentic blend of spices for traditional Chicken Biryani
  • Perfect for family meals and social gatherings
  • Easy to prepare with guaranteed delicious results
  • Each pack is 60g, totaling 180g for the trio
  • Made with high-quality, natural ingredients
  • Free from artificial additives

The Chicken Biryani Celebration: Ahmed Foods Chicken Biryani Trio Pack

Indulge in the timeless allure of Chicken Biryani with the Ahmed Foods Chicken Biryani Trio Pack. This special collection brings you three packs of Ahmed Foods’ signature Chicken Biryani Mix, each crafted to offer the rich and aromatic flavour that Biryani lovers crave. Perfect for families and gatherings, this trio pack ensures a consistently delicious Biryani experience for all your special occasions.

A Feast of Flavors

Chicken Biryani, a beloved dish worldwide, is known for its complex layers of spices and herbs. The Ahmed Foods Chicken Biryani Trio Pack makes it simple to create this dish at home, offering a balance of flavour that is both authentic and inviting.

Tradition in Every Pack

Each Chicken Biryani Mix in the trio is a blend of quality spices, grounded in tradition and selected for their purity. Ahmed Foods’ commitment to excellence means every Biryani you prepare will be a memorable one.