About Us

About Us

Shafi Brothers And Company was established in 1972 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Shafi Brothers And Company, a general trading company, is a member of a group of companies based in Pakistan.

The company is proud to be a partner and sole agent with the leading brands of Pakistan, namely Ahmed Foods, Young’s Foods, Medicam and Rafhan Maize Starch. Moreover Shafi Brothers has also placed itself as one of the major suppliers of the world famous Pakistani Rice in the region.

Over the years Shafi Brothers & Company has grown and established a complex distribution network reaching to all the Emirates. We extend our services with state of the art storage facilities and well experienced personnel to handle the daily challenges of delivery on time.

Our product portfolio includes luscious range of Ahmed Foods, ranging from more than 70 SKU’s in more than 10 categories. Ahmed Foods has the widest variety of Pickles, Jams, Spices, Vermicelli, Canned Foods, Syrups, Kheer Mix and many more. Ahmed Foods has been available in the UAE market for more than 40 years and has a distinguished position with the customer base of UAE.

The number 1 selling toothpaste of Pakistan, Medicam sets itself apart from other international brands; known for its Bleeding Gums Remedy. Medicam has carved its way into the UAE market and is available in all the leading retail outlets.

Another market leader in Mayonnaise and Spreads is Youngs Foods. With its unique range of products such as Young’s Chicken Spread, Sandwich Spread, Olive Spread and Honey, Young’s is gaining rapid popularity among customers in UAE.

Moreover, Shafi Brothers & Company is also partner to the biggest corn products manufacturer in Asia “Rafhan”. With this valuable partnership we are also catering to the industrial sector and supplying a superior quality “Yellow Dextrin” and “Maize Starch” used for numerous applications such as food, corrugation, packaging, paper etc.

Last but not the least, Shafi Brothers & Company also caters to international demand with a dedicated export division. We source packaged goods and raw materials at the best rates possible.

In this scientific era of development and modern technology, Shafi Brothers and Company strives to have balanced communication through global technology.

We believe in our customer’s convenience.

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